What are the things to consider when hiring in information technologies?

As Codeove, we strive to carefully select our IT experts in every aspect. Because we take care to work in a professional business relationship with our IT experts in a long-term and trustworthy environment.

We strive to make every effort to ensure that our IT specialists do their work in the most professional and diligent manner. Above all, they are our employees and we care about their efforts, the value they create and their personal development.

This is one of the most important factors affecting our way of doing business and our customer satisfaction.

This method is just not for us. We believe that it should set an awareness and precedent for all companies in this sector, and we take care to carry out activities that support this.

Things to consider when hiring in information technologies are as follows;

Job description
Create an accurate job description to clarify the job scope, responsibilities, skill requirements, and hiring process.

Identify the competencies required by the job and look for candidates with these competencies.

Review candidates’ past performance and references.

Prioritize candidates with relevant experience.

Team cohesion
Assess candidates’ team cohesion and examine their communication skills within the team.

Problem-solving skills
Test candidates’ problem-solving skills.

Technical abilities
Test candidates’ technical abilities and use appropriate tests to measure technical skills.

Work culture
Look for candidates who match your company’s work culture.

Look for candidates with values that match your company.

Evaluate how candidates are improving and whether they are open to improvement.